The real value of the Service Department can never be underestimated and the real cost of deferred maintenance is one to avoid. We know the less time your equipment spends in the shop, the more you can get done. We provide excellent service for compact tractors, residential/commercial mowers, construction equipment and everything between. No job is too small and no job is too large. Our professional, factory-trained technicians, combined with our state of the art John Deere diagnostic software and our well-equipped service department, makes for an unbeatable customer experience. We offer at-home service for our residential customers with our Ready To Mow program. Minimize downtime getting your machine ready with at-home service! 

Every product we sell we service and repair in our facility!

After every repair we wash each machine! 

Give Pat or John a call. They will be your points of contact throughout the entire service process. 

We offer the following services:

  • Residential/commercial mower service
  • Residential/commercial mower repair
  • Yanmar/John Deere diesel engine repair and rebuilding
  • STIHL equipment repair
  • STIHL equipment service
  • Authorized attachment repair
  • Tire ballast installation
  • Equipment tire repair
  • Tire foam filling
  • Mower blade sharpening
  • Chainsaw sharpening

Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service


G & H Equipment & Sales
314 Old Maple Ave
North Haven, CT

Service Description

Change oil and filter when applicable.

Change air filter.

Change spark plug.

Sharpen the blade.

Check the wheels for play.

Remove engine shroud and clean engine cooling fins.

Pricing covers cost of parts/labor for most models.

Mower Blade Sharpening:

$10.00 if you bring the blade in. $35 if we have to remove that blade and install both on-unit or off-unit service available.

Mower Cable Service:

Starting at $50

Remove/replace cables if necessary- or lube existing cables.

We also have other push and walk behind lawn mower services, details to come soon.
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